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CFS or I like to call it Common F…. Sense. This is the first video of my new series that I feel I need to do my part to help Americans stand side by side for the common good of the people. These videos are only my opinions.


If you re like me and want great quality equipment but don’t want to spend a fortune then check out 3 Rods on a Budget. Are you a serious tournament angler or do you just fish for fun and to relax? Either way you will enjoy the quality of the expensive equipment at a budget price. I also reveal a new discovery to me on a reel that has been around for a while. If you are interested in purchasing any of the equipment in this video check out the links below. As always, Thank you for supporting the Acirema Outdoors channel.

Check out my guest appearance on the UP NEXT PODCAST hosted by Victor Castaldo.

I was fortunate enough to be ask to be on the UP Next Podcast hosted by Victor Castaldo. Victor owns and operates the VRS Victory Recording Studio in Troy Ohio. Victor and I met at Nick Youngerman’s album release party which is titled Never Been to Nashville. Victor recorder this EP for Nick at his VRS studio. If you have an opportunity check out both of these guys. Nick has been nice enough to let me use his song “Hillbilly N’ Me” for my outdoor channel Acirema Outdoors. As always thanks for watching my videos and I hope you learn something from them.


Best 7'6" Flipping stick under 100 dollars

I have purchased a lot of fishing rods like most of us over the 30+ years I have been bass fishing. I recently went back to my roots and purchased 2 Fenwick HMX 7’6″ flipping stick. I must say that I am not sorry. Check out my video review. If you would like to get more information on any Fenwick rod click here.