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Tarpon Fischer Charters

I have been very fortunate to fish with Captain Nick Fischer several times while visiting Fort Myers Florida. Nick is the Captain and owner of Tarpon Fischer Charters servicing Sanibel Island, Fort Myers and Captiva Island and more.

Captain Nick’s mission on his Fort Myers fishing charter boats is to bring customer service to the fishing and boating charter industry. Offering his clients, the very best Fort Myers fishing charter boats in Southwest Florida — he provides the best choice in fishing gear, modernized boats, and, overall, the right tools for the job. Along with his top-of-the-line equipment, he offers the very best in customer service, and he will back it with professionalism and courtesy.

 Experience is something that you can expect from Tarpon Fischer Charters. Trust me when I say his level of expertise is constantly rising as a result of communication between local guides with which they share knowledge and ways to improve their overall Fort Myers fishing charter boats service.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Capt. Nick and talk about his journey. I was curious to know a lot more about Capt. Nick and how he got to where he is today, A Very Successful SW Florida Fishing Guide.

AOD – At what age did you first start fishing?

Capt. Nick – I honestly don’t remember what age I started fishing, but I do know I started mating for my dad at age 4.

AOD – WOW age 4 that is young but awesome. Who was your biggest influence that got you to love the sport of fishing as you do today and to also take guiding a step further and provide top notch customer service?

Capt. Nick – My dad, he was one of the first fishing guides in SW Florida.

AOD – I knew your dad was a guide but did not realize he was one of the first guides in SW Florida that is cool. When did you realize that you wanted to guide for a living?

Capt. Nick – I realized I wanted to be a guide probably when I was 6 years old. I wrote a story in Kindergarten that I wanted to be just like my dad.

 That is a great story in itself.

AOD – As many of us remember our very first boat we purchased. Do you recall what your first boats make and model was? Also, a follow up to that is what boat and motor are you running now?

Capt. Nick – I do remember, my very first boat I owned was a 14’ Aluminum Jon Boat and it had a 25 HP Honda Motor. I now operate my business out of a BoneFish Boatworks 26’Malvado with a 350 Mercury Verado.

AOD – The old Jon Boat, I think we all started with some type of Jon boat. Did you have any struggles trying to launch your guide business?

Capt. Nick – I didn’t have many struggles starting, it was more the fear of the unknown. I left my salary paying job to start but once the ball started rolling it has not stopped.

AOD – As I think it is with any career change for sure. What year did you obtain your Captain’s License and what is that process like?

Capt. Nick – I have had my Licenses for 8 years now so back in 2012. The process is not too bad; it is a 2-week long class that is 2 hours every day.

AOD – Really, I thought it would be longer.  Do you remember who your first paying client was?

Capt. Nick – My first client which I had no idea who it was at the time was actually one of my favorite clients at the restaurant I worked at. They are now great friends of ours.

AOD – Wow that is really cool. How long has Tarpon Fischer Charters been in business?

Capt. Nick – TFC has been in business for 6 years now.

AOD – That is a lot of guided trips. Have you had the opportunity to be a guest on any fishing shows?

Capt. Nick – I have done 3 shows and more to come. I fish with Mike Anderson every year from Reel Animals.

That’s awesome we will keep an eye out for them.

AOD – Do you have any sponsors that help you out?

Capt. Nick – I do have a couple sponsors. Bonefish Boatworks, RayMarine, Spartanstix and Barracuda Tackle.

AOD – It sounds like you are partnered with some great companies. In your spare time do you fish any tournaments and if so tell us what type and how has that been going?

Capt. Nick – I do fish lots of different kinds of tournaments. So far this year I have a 1st  place finish in a tarpon tournament and a 3rd a couple weekends ago in a redfish, snook and trout tournament. I have another one this week so wish me luck. Edit as of this post I am not sure what place Capt. Nick finished in this tournament but I know he did very well

AOD – Anytime you can win and get a top 5 finish that is a great year. A lot of people who don’t tournament fish don’t understand how hard they are to win. There are a lot of great Anglers out there. Can a client hire you to fish a tournament and if so please tell us how that process works?

Capt. Nick – Yes, all of the tournaments I fish I am hired by clients. Basically it works like this, the client pays the tournament entry fee and for the day’s charter and if we are lucky to get in the money we split the winnings.

 That sounds like a fair deal because the client is getting your experience and that goes a long way.

AOD – I have been tournament bass fishing for 25 years and I was always told you can’t replace days on the water. I know you just had a beautiful baby girl who is almost a year old, in fact her and I share a birthday. Are there any struggles trying to juggle your guide trips alongside of raising your daughter?

Capt. Nick – Guiding is a tough business to be in because sometimes I will have weeks off and then sometimes I work for 3 months’ straight. With any job there are difficult situations but I am lucky enough to have family and friends that help my wife and I out.

AOD – Yes you do have for sure. I know from experience that you are very passionate about making sure your clients have the best trip possible. What would you say to someone who might be thinking of booking a trip with Tarpon Fischer Charters?

Capt. Nick. – Just to be open to what we are going to do. Every day is different and some days we might have to make some changes but regardless we will have fun and catch fish. It’s more about the experience on the water and the comradery you have with the people. My dad is retired from fishing and when I asked him do you miss the fishing, he always tells me no, I miss meeting new people.

In conclusion

It is obvious that Captain Nick’s dad was a huge influence on his life and career as a professional Guide. Captain Nick was born and raised on Captiva Island and has spent his entire life on the waters of Southwest Florida. Captain Nick caters to all levels of anglers from beginners to experts. I am proud to call Captain Nick my friend and I thank you Sir for doing this interview with me for Acirema Outdoors.

In closing Captain Nick is available to hire 365 days a year and will certainly put you on fish. If you are in the Sanibel Island, Fort Myers or Captiva Island area and would like to book a trip. Give Capt. Nick a call 239-872-7617 or jump on his website http://www.tarponfischercharters.com/index.html

You will have the time of your life!!!!

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