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Life is better outdoors

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Yes it is AMERICA spelled backwards and here is the Detailed Meaning. Your name of Acirema has made you independent, determined, and secretive. Your appreciation for the beauties of nature, as well as your intense desire for freedom, motivates you to seek activities in the outdoors, free from limitations.


 My name is Joe Feeser and this is my Outdoor website. I really want to capture all aspects of the outdoors, I believe it is the best place in the world and more importantly the best stress reliever.

I also think it is equally important to expose our youth to what the outdoors has to offer. That could be hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, biking, and many other outdoor activities. If we show a kid the path to the outdoors then maybe JUST maybe they will put down the phones, gaming systems and any other electronic device for a couple hours a day.

I have been fishing and exploring the outdoors for over 30 years. I am also a Pro Staff member for Bizz Baits. If you want to use baits that mean bizzness check them out. (This is not an affiliate link) I have also recently joined the WOO Tungsten Pro Staff Team (This is not an affiliate link). If you are interested in Never Chip Tungsten weights check out the WOO line-up. Use the code WOOfriends10 for 10% discount on your first order. #fishingisacontactsport

My website is not only for the experienced but also tailored for the beginner’s as well. You will see “how to” articles and videos, product reviews, recipes, and anything else that may help you experience the outdoors.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Acirema Outdoors.

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Joe Feeser